In 1999, Hoseco was formed establishing a 200sq m factory in Midvale which was to provide hose and fitting solutions with a range of 1,000 line items for the local industry.


In 2003, Hoseco purchased industrial fitting solutions in Welshpool in order to cater for its local market servicing expansion. Hoseco in Welshpool continues to provide hose and fitting solutions to its ever growing local market.


Shortly after in 2005 Hoseco built  a new facility in Midvale housing over 8,000 line items to cater for its rapidly expanding client base and markets.


In 2012, Hoseco opened a new and separate hose assembly factory in Perth installing the largest external crimping equipment – up to 10inch inside diameter hoses. Furthermore, new testing equipment up to 65,000PSI was also installed within the hose assembly factory to cater for its growing expansion into the oil & marine industry.


Hoseco now offers a range in excess of 15,000 line items to clients by staff who care about providing the correct hose and fittings solutions.