Hose Consultancy and Design

Hoseco can service all of your hose needs, from consultancy and design, through to assembly, installation and maintenance


As part of our aim to provide a complete hose and hydraulics offering, Hoseco offers hose consultancy services, designed to ensure that the hoses specified for our clients’ projects comply with Australian Standards and international guidelines.


Hoseco’s expert team can assist in making recommendations for your hose management system and preparing hose specifications and data sheets, even providing drawings where required.


As a result of Hoseco’s alliance with Dunlop Oil and Marine, we are also able to offer hose design services, particularly for speciality Oil and Gas applications. Resources industry hoses are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, and can be supplied in accordance with a range of industry standards, including: API 7k, API 17k, API 16C, MDG41, NATA, DNV, and many more.


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